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Meditation, Mystical Philosophy and Transdimensional Fiction

As a meditation teacher and mystical philosopher Jeff Carreira has articulated a unique understanding of the process of spiritual transformation.

The simplicity and clarity of his books have earned a reputation among readers for being able to make subtle and complex ideas easy to grasp. Jeff also writes novels and creates oracle and tarot decks that express the mystery of spirit in unusual and unique ways. Everything he writes is aimed at igniting shifts in perspective that liberate us from our familiar patterns of mind so we can discover who we really are beyond the ideas that bind us.

Praise for the writing of Jeff Carreira
“I absolutely love the simple yet profound messages about what an experience of awakening can look like.”
“Jeff Carreira writes as a seasoned post seeker and shares the many illuminations along his path.”
“I enjoy Jeff’s explanations and scientific analysis which is mixed with his passion and authenticity.”

New release

Transdimensional Spirituality

My latest book contains a full articulation of the path of awakening that I teach. It is the first time that I have explained in detail the spiritual journey from our initial spiritual longing all the way to a transformed life.

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